Residential automatic gate installations in Sydney

We are always working on new automatic gate installations in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs including the Sutherland Shire, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Northern Beaches and beyond. Here are a small selection of recent case studies.

Triple Stack Telescopic Gate System

The project:

To install an automatic sliding driveway gate and matching pedestrian gate with electric lock and intercom system

The challenge:

The driveway width was only 2.6 meters wide with a mere 1.4 meters side room for the gate to slide into the open position

Our team designed the first triple stack telescopic sliding gate system that we know of in Australia so that the client could have an automatic sliding gate system installed to secure their property.

The telescopic sliding gate system was constructed of three panels – Two x 1.1M leaves and the driving leaf at 1.35M.

As shown in the video, once the remote control is pressed to open and close the gate, the driving leaf slides slowly along the track, the second leaf travels at twice the speed, the third leaf travels across the driveway at three times the speed so they all conclude their travel at exactly the same time to fully secure the property.

It is most important to have a substantial sized electric opener as loading is increased as well as soft start, slow down at end of travel and a reduced gear drive to keep speed in check and safe to operate.

Safety is guaranteed by the use of photo electric safety beams, if the gate sensor detects a vehicle, person or object in its path it will stop operating until the path is cleared.

This new ground breaking design will allow many narrow blocks the option of installing an automatic security gate system when they have a restricted amount of side room for it to open into.

Why install an automatic sliding gate over an automatic swing gate system?

Many smaller blocks require a sliding gate system so that they can close the gate behind their vehicle once they have parked inside their property. Quite often, swing gates on small blocks will be unable to close if a vehicle is parked in the driveway as the vehicle blocks the closing area the swing gates require.

In this situation a sliding gate system is ideal as it does not encroach in the vehicle parking area. Unfortunately many smaller blocks found throughout Sydney’s Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shore don’t have the full width of the driveway off to the side for a sliding gate to slide open to.

This new design triple stacker automatic sliding gate system addresses this issue allowing smaller blocks to have the option of an automatic security gate system.

Victoria Rd, Bellevue Hill – Refurbishment

We recently completed a refurbishment on the existing Automatic Gate System at our client’s home in Victoria St, Bellevue Hill.

As with many homes in this area the gates were well manufactured and in keeping with the style of the homes in the area, so we worked with retaining the existing gates and refurbishing the entire automation system to ensure full security for the owner and reliable operation.

Over time the gates had dropped and were jamming when they hit together when closed. With the assistance of a HIAB we lifted and removed the gates then re hung them so that they aligned perfectly - no jamming closed. The gates then swung freely to ensure no interruption would be caused to the automation system.

The underground gate operators were over 12 years old and in very poor condition, we removed the existing operators and replaced them with new in-ground electro-hydraulic swing gate operators.

We also installed a link on the existing garage door systems at the house so that both the automatic gate system and the garage doors could be operated from the one key ring dual button remote control.

Gwandalah Cres, Berowra – Recent installation

We recently installed an Automatic Gate System at Berowra.

The client’s brief for this project was to supply and install an economical reliable automatic gate system that would provide privacy.

The gate we installed here was a 3.62mtr wide x 1.8mtr high Automatic Pair of Swing Gates in the Colourbond design, finished off with a powder coat colour of ‘Ironstone’.

We have installed a pair of ‘PNL24’ Swing Gate Operators on these gates which provides full security and ensures trouble-free operation. Our client was very pleased with the finished product and was impressed with the ease of use via the key ring remote controls provided to activate the automatic gate system.

The gate is constructed from galvanised steel frame and colourbond cladding with 100mm x 100mm galvanised steel posts, and heavy duty thrust bearing hinges which provide strength in the gate construction. It also provides the correct gate specifications to ensure the operating system is able to work easily and without any interruptions from the gate.


Commercial Projects

Edmondson Park Sub Station – John Holland project – Recent installation

We recently automated several large commercial security swing gates at Edmondson Park.

This was a John Holland Project which ran extremely well given the challenges of multiple trades on a large site. Working with each other to ensure completion in the required time frame, our team successfully completed the installation of the heavy duty commercial gate automation systems required to secure this overnight train storage facility and ensure the systems were not only adequate to provide continual reliable operation, but to also ensure the relevant safety was installed, protecting people and vehicles using the large swing gates on this site.

The gates were approx. 4.0mtrs in width and were 2.6mtrs high.

These were heavy gates weighing in at approximately 180kgs each and were also subject to wind loading. Given the span of the gate and its location we used our heavy duty electro-hydraulic swing gate operators on these gates, which were well-suited to the site requirements. We have also installed electric locks to ensure full locking security and photo-electric safety beams for safe operation of the system.

Menai Police Dog Squad – Recent installation

We recently installed an Automatic Security Gate at Menai Police Dog Squad.

The equipment included a 4.0mtr wide x 2.1mtr high Automatic Sliding Gate.

We have installed the gate to ensure full security is provided for the site and have also installed important safety equipment to protect people and vehicles in the area of the automatic gate when it is operating.

The gate is constructed of galvanised steel with security picket top and a powder-coated finish. As you will see in the site photo, mesh has been used to add security to the system - for example the use of mesh on the pedestrian gate ensures unauthorised persons are unable to put their hand through the gate to use the lever to open the pedestrian gate and gain access.

We have installed a flashing light with a sounder included so that when the gate is opening and closing the light will flash along with the noise from the sounder, to ensure that people are aware that the large sliding security gate is operating. If someone was to stop in the path of the gate the photo electric safety beams would ensure the safety of the person or vehicle in this area.