Bellevue Hill Automatic Gate Refurbishment

We recently completed a refurbishment on the existing Automatic Gate System at our client’s home in Victoria St, Bellevue Hill.

As with many homes in this area the gates were well manufactured and in keeping with the style of the homes in the area, so we worked with retaining the existing gates and refurbishing the entire automation system to ensure full security for the owner and reliable operation.

Over time the gates had dropped and were jamming when they hit together when closed. With the assistance of a HIAB we lifted and removed the gates then re hung them so that they aligned perfectly – no jamming closed.

The gates then swung freely to ensure no interruption would be caused to the automation system.

The underground gate operators were over 12 years old and in very poor condition, we removed the existing operators and replaced them with new in-ground electro-hydraulic swing gate operators.

We also installed a link on the existing garage door systems at the house so that both the automatic gate system and the garage doors could be operated from the one key ring dual button remote control.