Edmondson Park John Holland Security Swing Gates

We recently automated several large commercial security swing gates at Edmondson Park.

This was a John Holland Project which ran extremely well given the challenges of multiple trades on a large site.

Working with each other to ensure completion in the required time frame, our team successfully completed the installation of the heavy duty commercial gate automation systems required to secure this overnight train storage facility and ensure the systems were not only adequate to provide continual reliable operation, but to also ensure the relevant safety was installed, protecting people and vehicles using the large swing gates on this site.

The gates were approx. 4.0mtrs in width and were 2.6mtrs high.

These were heavy gates weighing in at approximately 180kgs each and were also subject to wind loading. Given the span of the gate and its location we used our heavy duty electro-hydraulic swing gate operators on these gates, which were well-suited to the site requirements.

We have also installed electric locks to ensure full locking security and photo-electric safety beams for safe operation of the system.