How to manually open an automatic gate

What do you do if your automatic gate won't open?

To manually release and open your automatic gate system when it stops working or a power blackout has occurred, you will need your manual release key.

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Manually release a BFT Giuno Electric Swing Gate Operating system

Set the automatic gate to manual mode using the release key

1. Locate the gate motor
2. Slide open the motor cover that exposes the key hole
3. Put the key into the key hole and turn it anticlockwise two turns

The motor is now in manual mode and you can move the gate by hand.

To reset the automatic gate into automatic mode

1. Move the gate by hand back into the closed position
2. Insert the key and tighten it by turning the key clockwise
3. Close the lid on the keyhole

The motor is now back in automatic mode.

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